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What has changed since...well since before^^

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What has changed since...well since before^^
« on: 12 / March / 2009, 19:02:22 »
Hi there!
I've been away for quite a while now, still enjoying CHDK! Thanks to all developers!
My problem is about raw. Before, I used dng4ps 1, then the second version. And today, I use the in camera dng shooting. It is much more convenient (thanks so much, by the way ;) )
But I noticed something strange when I tried to process some "old" raw files (converted with dng4ps) in Photoshop CS4 (note that I was using older version before). The "old" raw files have much more noise reduction applied to it (even with the same settings in camera raw) than the "new" in-camera dng. And even if I push the noise reduction to its max with the new dngs, I cannot get the same smoothness as before.
Do you think it has something to do with photoshop or with chdk?

Thanks in advance.


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