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SD1100 some questions

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SD1100 some questions
« on: 23 / March / 2009, 00:56:19 »
I have a SD1100 IS and I have some question, hope you can help me ...
What is the fastest shutter speed available in this camera? and, How can i open the aperture to use a fast shutter speed? Override Aperture is not available in "Extra Photo Operations"



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Re: SD1100 some questions
« Reply #1 on: 23 / March / 2009, 02:20:09 »
The SD1100, like all the SD/ixus series, doesn't have an iris. It only has an ND filter, which you should be able to control with overrides. The zoom setting also affects the aperture.

I don't know what the highest shutter speed is, but you can try turning it up until either it stops having any effect, stops giving consistent results, or stops getting enough light for a useful exposure.
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Re: SD1100 some questions
« Reply #2 on: 24 / March / 2009, 00:59:25 »
thanks for your answer, i gonna make some test


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