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Having trouble with SD750

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Having trouble with SD750
« on: 16 / March / 2009, 19:55:46 »
I'm having trouble getting CHDK working on my SD750 firmware v. GM1.01B.

I've gone through all the tutorials and I'm close to getting it to work, however, I guess it's crashing when I hit the playback button to attempt to take a picture.  When I hit that button, the camera turns off.  I followed the tutorial in this forum and also used CardTricks.

On the CHDK spash screen, it lists the firmware as ixus_75_sd750 - 101a.  I double-checked and I definitely downloaded the 1.01B version.  Could this be the problem?  If so, how could I fix it?  Thanks in advance.


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Re: Having trouble with SD750
« Reply #1 on: 16 / March / 2009, 23:02:03 »
The "101b" firmware is in fact a copy of of 101a, because they are thought to be compatible.

I'm not sure why you are hitting the playback button to take a picture ? Half press the shoot button instead.

On the SD990 (and I assume other SD cameras with a play button), hitting the play button while in play mode turns the camera off, if the lens is not extended. I thought this was a bug in my CHDK port, but it happens with the stock firmware too ;)
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Re: Having trouble with SD750
« Reply #2 on: 17 / March / 2009, 08:06:56 »
...normal behaviour on Ixus cams (also on some others, e.g. the SX10) with extra playback pushbutton...

You can power on with the [>] button, cam starts in playback mode, lens stays retracted, pressing [>] powers the camera off.
When the cam once was in record mode, [>] only changes between playback and record mode, also when the lens is retracted by the power management...


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