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Suggestions? Choose CHDK compatible camera. Lighting environment.

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Dear all,

I work in a company selling watches on ebay. We are currently expanding and need a second camera for this purpose. For this reason I went to a photo camera shop close to our store in Berlin and talked with a shop aide about cameras.

We currently own an IXUS 860 IS and after the talk with this guy I realized we need more manual features searched for this and found CHDK in the process. The guy suggested me to buy a Panasonic camera in the end but after trying out CHDK I want a compatible camera.

We photograph the watches in a fixed lighting environment so we don't really need that many aperture configurations since we can simply fix one shutter time/iso configuration according to the aperture config fixed in the cam for our environment and leave it at that.

I hope you can give me a suggestion.

    The summary of our needs:
    • CHDK compatibility
    • as sharp as possible
    • megapixel is not really important we only use 1600 x 1200
    • some of the pictures I shot were quite corny I'd like to fix that

    So in short we don't really know what we need ^^

    I attached a picture of our lighting environment maybe you have some suggestions to that as well?

    Thanks for all answers.


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Re: Suggestions? Choose CHDK compatible camera. Lighting environment.
« Reply #1 on: 24 / March / 2009, 17:07:16 »
ur sure u want an ixus? it has an aperture of only 2.8 or something like that, smaller aperture would be better concerning dof. don't know what kind of look you wanna achieve though. you should take a deep look @ the list of supported cameras, then take a look at what the independent reviews have to say about them, then take a look @ amazon or ebay to see which ones you can afford.
we arent a photography forum here, really, so we can not make reccomendations in regards to "sharpness" or the like.


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