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Rec/Play control

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Rec/Play control
« on: 20 / March / 2009, 08:29:54 »
Hello. I would like to switch between record and play modes (as in SDM UBasic) and display pics from within a LUA script on a Ixus 80/SD1100. Is this possible? (Quite new to CHDK and LUA and didnt find anything on the CHDK Wiki or forums.)


Re: Rec/Play control
« Reply #1 on: 24 / March / 2009, 23:34:18 »
I'm quite curious about this as well. it could have considerable benefits for allowing deletion via button presses vs. lua functions.


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Re: Rec/Play control
« Reply #2 on: 28 / March / 2009, 09:03:40 »
This is one of those things that are mostly completely possible but the problem is that we have a high number of camera models, many of which operate in very different ways compared to each other in this respect. Further, even cameras that on the outside seem to work just the same, appear to require different sort of ways to do this. The result is quite a bit of a developer hell that nobody likes to touch, especially since we don't have a full pool of capable, coordinated and eager testers for all supported cameras & subs.

As you've noticed, Microfunguy has added this for some cameras in SDM. There's a thread about it here, the link below points to my development test patch to enable this in a crude but perfectly operational way for CHDK Lua for a570 (the commands added by this patch may never be added to CHDK trunk because it's really one of those semi-dangerous developer thingies):,3228.msg30061.html#msg30061.

For any other camera... take a look at SDM source code I guess?

Re: Rec/Play control
« Reply #3 on: 28 / March / 2009, 10:09:33 »
Microfunguy has added this for some cameras in SDM.

To all cameras that SDM supports and the vast majority, but not all, are confirmed as working  ;)



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