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Trying to squash a bad pixel on an A590IS

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Trying to squash a bad pixel on an A590IS
« on: 21 / March / 2009, 01:40:24 »
I'm trying to squash a bad pixel that just emerged on an A590IS, and not having any luck.  On JPEG files, the pixel is at coordinates 1567,1594; but it seems from the wiki that those coordinates aren't the ones to use in the badpixels file.  Shooting a dark image in RAW mode, and running the "show_bad" program on it, told me that the coordinates of the pixel in raw mode are at 1591,1615; but putting the output of that program in CHDK/badpixel didn't work either.  I just tried installing the latest daily build, but that didn't change the results: I still got a single stuck-on pixel in the middle of the image.  Any suggestions?

Re: Trying to squash a bad pixel on an A590IS
« Reply #1 on: 28 / March / 2009, 17:48:19 »
Well, this is weird.  I tried adding a carriage return to the end of the line, before the newline, and it worked.  But taking a quick look at the source code (core/raw.c, function make_pixel_list), I can't see why this would have any effect, unless the source code has been changed since the release of the binary I downloaded.  (Both claim to be revision 725.)  I confirmed the behavior by changing the badpixel file back (removing the carriage return), which gave me the bad pixel back again, then adding back the carriage return and getting a photo without the bad pixel.  So it seems like for some mysterious reason the code needs a DOS-style line termination (with a CR) rather than the Unix-style line termination I gave it at first (since that's what the show_bad program outputs under Linux).


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