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IDA Disassembler problem

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IDA Disassembler problem
« on: 22 / March / 2009, 16:37:30 »
I installed IDA Disassembler 4.9 under Linux with Wine and I have the following problem: After opening the binary file, when I have to select the processor from the list, I have no ARM to select from, only some Intels: x86, Pentium.. Any ideas why?
Also: can I do without IDA, i.e. with a "normal" disassembler?


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Re: IDA Disassembler problem
« Reply #1 on: 22 / March / 2009, 16:40:55 »
The Demo/Freeware version does not support ARM, so you'd have to pay a lot of money for it.
There are some GPL tools, but nowhere near as useful as IDA.


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