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s80 anybody?

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Re: s80 anybody?
« Reply #10 on: 16 / July / 2008, 09:13:04 »
is any official chdk for s80?

Thank you for help.

Re: s80 anybody?
« Reply #11 on: 18 / July / 2008, 05:02:54 »
no, not yet.


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Re: s80 anybody?
« Reply #12 on: 01 / August / 2008, 09:46:21 »
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Re: s80 anybody?
« Reply #13 on: 10 / September / 2008, 03:09:12 »
at last I found some time to continue...

I got the CHDK source code... we are lucky since someone already dump the firmware and its available at zSHARE - primaries.bin.rar
As far as I can see  to compile the code I need to update
file with the correct addresses of 3 functions which are missing for S80. There will be more to do but lets start...

VbattGet                     ---> 0xFF82C2B4
free                            ---> 0xFFB05400    // its interesting that the function name referred is mempartfree
kbd_read_keys_r2       ---> 0xFF82737C   // not 100% sure..

lets deal with makefile.inc

I just want to update this entry to contribute S80 support, comments welcome.

cymsin, is there any progress?
Can i help somehow with it?

Re: s80 anybody?
« Reply #14 on: 15 / September / 2008, 09:23:14 »
So has the s80 been abandoned again? It seems every few months someone puts some work into it, and then abandons it until someone else comes around to do the same thing.

Re: s80 anybody?
« Reply #15 on: 05 / October / 2008, 22:58:04 »
I'm using CHDK on a SD800, which works great. But I'd really like to load it onto an S80 too. I realize it's probably not a super high priority because the S80 provides a lot of control over the camera functions as standard. But I'd really like to use the USB remote feature on the S80. I imagine there's some interest in being able to get RAW data from the S80 too.

I'm not a programmer, and probably can't provide a lot of assistance. Any chance of someone spending time on this?. Cheers,

Re: s80 anybody?
« Reply #16 on: 30 / October / 2008, 18:04:36 »


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Re: s80 anybody?
« Reply #17 on: 23 / November / 2008, 13:27:42 »
progress so far...

upgraded to firmware 1.00g

sig_ref_vxworks_1.bin : contains a610-100e primary
sig_ref_vxworks_2.bin : contains a710-100a primary
sig_ref_vxworks_3.bin : contains a570-100e primary
sig_ref_dryos_1.bin   : contains a720-100c primary

makefile.inc added

makefile.inc.org added

i put a firmware dump (obtained with cardtricks) of s80 into platform/s80/sub/100g/PRIMARY.BIN

in include/camera.h  i added
#elif defined (CAMERA_s80)
    #define CAM_PROPSET                 1

    #define CAM_RAW_ROWPIX              3336   // for 8 MP
    #define CAM_RAW_ROWS                2480   // for 8 MP

from platform/generic i copied 5 xxx.c files into platform/s80

in platform\s80\sub\100g\makefile.inc i added PLATFORMID=12538

copied loader files from s3is into corresponding folders in s80
copied xxx.c files from s3is into s80 platform folders

copied stubs_asm.h into s80/sub/100g
copied stubs_min.s into s80/sub/100g
copied stubs_auto.s into s80/sub/100g
stubs_entry2.s into s80/sub/100g adjusting as per cymsim remarks earlier

the ida generated stubs_entry.s i copied to s80/sub/100g folder.

if i try gmake i get error bad instruction as soon as it starts on stubs_entry.s
if i rem out stubs_entry.s i get error when it starts on kbd.c

what files do i need to check/change?
i'm just trying to get a basic understanding of what goes where and why.
any help much appreciated.


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Re: s80 anybody?
« Reply #18 on: 23 / November / 2008, 16:31:08 »
You shouldn't copy the files from generic. They should be included. Possible exception: lib.c

Copy from a similar camera.

You need to generate  a correct stubs_entry.S
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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Re: s80 anybody?
« Reply #19 on: 25 / November / 2008, 13:07:46 »
i've now copied the 5 xxxx.c files from platform/s3 folder into the platform/s80 folder

tried gmake and its failing at core/gui_menu.c undefined reference to 'get_jogdial_direction' - it lists other errors after this

i used gmake with a610 100f and it seemed to compile ok (btw how does the ps.fir get created?)

i haven't changed anything in the core/gui files so why does it give errors on the s80 but not on a610?

any tips/suggestions greatly appreciated.


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