A470 Porting

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Re: A470 Porting
« Reply #30 on: 07 / April / 2009, 09:51:23 »
Hi Everybody!

First of all thank you Mr Spoon for the hard work! can't wait to get my three a470s all unleashed :)

There should be a CHDK for morons because I have read the many wikis and forum postings and still can't get anything more than getting the firmware information to display.

I have firmware version 102.c

I downloaded chdk and installed it on my SDcard using cardtricks (I am using Vista, running cardtricks as admin)

I downloaded the firmware from wiki, put it in the platform/a470/sub/102c folder, renamed the bin PRIMARY.bin

I downloaded the a470 patch from this forum and expanded it into the root directory, but I don't know how I can execute the patch... ??? I tried to 'run' it in various ways...sorry, I'm just not experienced with these yet,

I closed the write-protect and instert the card. when I start up the camera, I just get the normal canon splash screen :( what's wrong?

please help~

Re: A470 Porting
« Reply #31 on: 07 / April / 2009, 10:04:11 »
I downloaded the full A720 CHDK and used Card Trick to make the SD card Bootable. I then used Card Trick to transfer the A720 CHDK to the SD card. I replaced DISKBOOT.BIN with MrSpoon's latest build (found on page 1 of this A470 Porting forum).  Make sure its the 256k version. Set the SD card to locked...very important!

Your camera should now boot up with a message about CHDK. Don't forget to use the (Direct Print) button to switch CHDK on and off. When ON, use the Menu button to set up new functions.

Re: A470 Porting
« Reply #32 on: 07 / April / 2009, 10:30:16 »
woohoo :D

thanks alan! it worked!
All I had to do was replace the diskboot.bin, as you said, with the 256k one from pg.1 of this thread, Wow! so many parameters and functions on my little A470 yay :D

I will fiddle around with the remote parameters first, since I want to try to get my three A470s to shoot in an array, controlled directly from my computer. 

thanks again~

Re: A470 Porting
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Re: A470 Porting
« Reply #34 on: 07 / April / 2009, 11:26:09 »
Thx for porting!!! :)

I got to dumping the firmware around last new years',
but since I was not at home I did not want to spawn my developement environment on a foreign pc.
Back home, I forgot about it and never continued ;)




Re: A470 Porting
« Reply #35 on: 07 / April / 2009, 12:14:18 »
I've just finished off movie_rec.c and boot.c (SDHC stuff) :)

Unfortunately that broke CHDK ::) The camera dies whenever I change mode or try to shoot video, I'm guessing I should finally get around to working out the modemap...

EDIT: No joy, its crashing when changing between shooting modes...anybody got any ideas? ???
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Re: A470 Porting
« Reply #36 on: 07 / April / 2009, 13:26:45 »
Wish I could help but I wouldn't know where to start. Is there any way we could get other developers involved? Seems to me you've had to go it alone on the A470. Surely there's more resources on Mode maps kicking around?



Re: A470 Porting
« Reply #37 on: 07 / April / 2009, 14:11:13 »
I got the modemap by reading from propcase 50 with the previous build, I suspect there's just some silly mistake somewhere else :(

I'm currently going over things to check. I think most people aren't interested in the A470 since it's so low-end, if I end up truly stuck I'll write up everything I've done in the hope someone will fix it..

Re: A470 Porting
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Re: A470 Porting
« Reply #39 on: 08 / April / 2009, 05:45:47 »
So, any 1.01b version guys?
I was reading about the CHDK. when i insert the SD card into the camera should i go to the screen "Firmware Update"? If i do it, my firmware will be modified?


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