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How do I set up "custom menus"?

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How do I set up "custom menus"?
« on: 03 / February / 2009, 08:47:01 »
I had made a feature request for an ALT shortcut for the bracketing menu here:

And the reply was:

this is exactly what the custom menu is for ;)

What is the "custom menu" and how do I configure it? I searched the wiki for "custom menu", and read through the regular and AllBest user guides, and looked (but maybe not thoroughly enough) through my menus, but couldn't find anything related to this.

Edit: I also discovered the MoreBest user guide and read through that, there is a mention of a "custom menu" towards the beginning of the guide but it doesn't go into details, and there doesn't seem to be any more information there.

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Re: How do I set up "custom menus"?
« Reply #1 on: 03 / February / 2009, 09:49:36 »
I found it. They're called "user menus" in the wiki, not "custom menus", hence why my search turned up nothing.

I created a new page on the wiki, "Custom Menu", that redirects to "User Menu". Maybe if somebody searches for "custom menu" in the future this will get them to the right place.



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