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Ultra-long exposure for A720

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Ultra-long exposure for A720
« on: 13 / May / 2009, 17:46:05 »
I think this is the first time I write in this forum, so I'll introduce myself. I'm Antonio, a photographer from Spain. I love street photography, and like to carry my camera with me all times. Thus, a small but full-featured camera like the PowerShot A720 is ideal for me. You can see some of my photographs at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ajgelado/. In the "real life", I'm a computer programmer.

I own two Canon cameras, an A710, which (sadly) has a broken lens cover, but otherwise works correctly, and a newer A720. The thing is that I like night photography, and thus, reading about the ultra-long exposure mode made me happy. It came to the A710 pretty quickly, but it isn't available (yet) for the A720. Is anybody working on it?

If not, maybe I can help. I only have experience at "user level" with CHDK, nor with ARM assembler, but I know 6502 and 8086 assembler, and can (of course) read and write C code, in addition to having some low-level debugging skills (from my days of programming the Apple II directly in machine code!). I think I just need some direction on where to look and what to do. I'd like to contribute to CHDK, if only a bit, in exchange for all the times I have used it :-) .
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Re: Ultra-long exposure for A720
« Reply #1 on: 14 / May / 2009, 03:08:35 »
Hello & welcome, ajgelado !

Have a look to this thread: extra long exposures (split from: Hardcore modding on a A530...

The extra long exposure feature is available for the following cameras atm:

  a530, a550, a570, a710
  ixus70_sd1000, ixus80_sd1100, ixus950_sd850
  s3, s5, sx10

From the SVN changelog you'll find the related stuff/files...


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Re: Ultra-long exposure for A720
« Reply #2 on: 14 / May / 2009, 14:16:22 »
Yep, fe50 pretty much said it all.

Take a look at changesets 728 729 for how it was done, and for example at changeset 733 for what it takes to add it to a single cam: http://tools.assembla.com/chdk/timeline.

(btw I just temporarily disabled extra long exposures for a570 in trunk due to a grave bug in 101a long exp code).


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