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Powershot hidden in 1890's box camera: Fun or insane?!?

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Powershot hidden in 1890's box camera: Fun or insane?!?
« on: 28 / March / 2009, 20:07:17 »
I've got a dumb idea, fitting a Powershot SD1100 IS into a Scoville 1890's box camera.     :lol  I'm trying to make the experience of taking a picture, and then printing it, as authentic as possible.  Obviously, being able to print a photo immediately from an 1890's camera is anything but authentic... but nonetheless    :blink:

The challenges includes using something that looks at first glance like a remote air bulb release (from the turn of the century) for: turning on the camera,  snapping the picture, and then printing multiple prints of that photo...all without having to open up the 1890 Scoville box camera and run through menus on the back of the canon.   :-X

Anyone got any ideas?


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Re: Powershot hidden in 1890's box camera: Fun or insane?!?
« Reply #1 on: 28 / March / 2009, 21:58:18 »
There's been plenty of dumber ideas. There might not be enough space in the camera but how about an air bulb operated rotary switch, which in turn operates actuators for on/off  and shoot and print buttons. Back to you  :D

Ummm..........Script Writing?  maybe wrong thread??
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Re: Powershot hidden in 1890's box camera: Fun or insane?!?
« Reply #2 on: 29 / March / 2009, 09:53:07 »
anOn, thanks for the reply.  I've experimented with air release bulbs, with actuators mounted in the wood of the box.  This works fine for doing one function, like snapping the picture.  But more complex functions like telling the camera to print 5 photos instead of one requires switching to the review mode (which I've accomplished via a physical bar that extends outside of the box camera), then pressing the function button one time, the up button three times, the right button 4 times, the down button 3 times, and then the function button one last time to print the photo 5 times.  It's this 'printing multiple copies' issue that's driving me nut's. 

Can CHDK be used for scripts in the review mode?  Thats actually where I need it most.

I can't be reaching inside the old Scoville constantly.  I was wondering if CHDK might be the answer.   As i was reading these posts, I saw other very intriguing ideas as well, such as USB shutter release.  Thats when I thought about some sort of devise, tethered to the camera via usb, at 3-5 volts, with several buttons that activate several different scripts.  This remotely tethered devise could be an airbulb split in half with a tiny keypad inside.

BTW, You mentioned an airbulb operated rotary switch.  Whats a rotary switch?  Sorry to be so dense.  You can probably tell I'm not all that technical.  :)


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