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What is the "DEFAULT" font for CHDK?

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Re: What is the "DEFAULT" font for CHDK?
« Reply #10 on: 16 / October / 2009, 14:38:09 »

Yes, that will work. Not sure if it's necessary, but you might want to reset your menu font to default before
(see reply #3 in this thread: select any file that's not a font, and it will revert to built-in)



PS it's unlikely to allow you more than 1-2 extra JPG though (73 files x 1 cluster -> max. 73 x 64k, still less than 1 RAW   :D )

Re: What is the "DEFAULT" font for CHDK?
« Reply #11 on: 17 / October / 2009, 19:15:13 »
Yeah, between the fonts and languages I figure it's about 5 MB, which is maybe 8 timelapse frames.  Well, that's not likely to be critical, but you never know.  Butyou know, if they don't need to be there....


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Re: What is the "DEFAULT" font for CHDK?
« Reply #12 on: 21 / October / 2009, 23:32:32 »
I deleted all my fonts from the card, saved some
space, and CHDK uses the internal font in the
compiled diskboot.bin.

My A590IS-101b seems faster at boot time. The
screen refresh when using CHDK menus is
also better with the internal font than when
using an external big ones.

I hope this helps


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