Very fast focusing + focus between frames in burst mode

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Very fast focusing + focus between frames in burst mode
« on: 31 / March / 2009, 11:18:25 »
I was just playing around with my "new" S3 from eBay  :P and I realised that the "sports" mode really works! I mean, I've used lots of other brands, and I must say that often, the "sports" mode only increase the shutter speed, without affecting focusing speed for instance. With the S3, I noticed that the camera increases the refresh rate, like when shooting 60 fps movies, hence increasing the focus speed. But I also noticed that the burst mode is slower than in P,A,S,M modes (and all others, too). So I wondered if the camera did not focus between frames, who knows, one may dream...:P
Well, it does!! Like an continuous AF on a dslr! And even if the framerate of the burst decreases, it is possible to follow a moving subject as the focus is actualized on each picture.
Ok, that's good, but not great. The problem is that the camera also increase dramatically the iso speed, and stops down the diaphragm, in order to get more of the subject in focus, I guess.

So I was wondering, as the camera DOES have the possibility to increase the refresh rate and to focus between frames in sports mode, would it be possible to activate these functions via the CHDK menu (I mean, for any shooting mode), instead of having to select the sports mode, which does arbitrary choices you cannot change?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Very fast focusing + focus between frames in burst mode
« Reply #1 on: 31 / March / 2009, 11:56:29 »
G-R-E-A-T!!! I just tried to use "custom auto iso" in sports mode, and if I set the max High-iso to, say 200, the camera does not go above that value! It seems logical, but didn't think about it before :p
Cool, even if it is not totally manual, I can now use it normally, because before, the camera used very high iso, even in bright sunlight, resulting in very noisy pictures!
So, thanks, anyway, and I hope it may help others, too ;)

Re: Very fast focusing + focus between frames in burst mode
« Reply #2 on: 31 / March / 2009, 12:18:43 »
Mmhhh, not everything is that nice. Actually, the camera does not take into account the fact that the shutter speed will be reduced by the lower iso. That implies that the camera still uses a rather small aperture, resulting in slow shutter speeds. What's weird is that setting the minimum shutter speed in auto iso does not seem to change anything.
So, finally, I need some help :P


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