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Color Profile for A570is

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Color Profile for A570is
« on: 02 / December / 2007, 13:34:49 »
When shooting raw, I use DNG4PS-2 (with camera type set to A710IS) to convert CRW to DNG.  However, the colors are slightly off and I have to tweak further.

Does anybody know how to generate a new color profile for use with either dcraw or DNG4PS-2 that more accurately captures the colors?


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Re: Color Profile for A570is
« Reply #1 on: 11 / January / 2008, 16:20:07 »
I noticed the same thing with shots from my A710.   In Photoshop Elements I have to add "15" (whatever that means) to the red channel on the hue control.  I'm wondering if playing with the color matrix info (hard-coded in DNG4PS-2) might help.

Have you isolated just what the color differences are in your case.


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Re: Color Profile for A570is
« Reply #2 on: 11 / January / 2008, 17:27:45 »
I have no clue about DNG4PS-2, but white balance support for A570IS is missing from dcraw. For me, it detects the raw file as A620 and the resulting white balance is not good even though the image itself is converted otherwise properly.

dcraw's home page has some info about submitting RAW files for new cameras, that should probably be done. It'll take a while before I can give it a try as direct sun light is needed and we don't really get much of that around here this time of year.

Anyway, I did make a quick and dirty first try using a white card raw image and 'dcraw -v -A'. Then using the resulting coefficients, running dcraw with

-W -r 2.125 1.0 1.71 1.0115

worked way better than without the correction.

Re: Color Profile for A570is
« Reply #3 on: 21 / January / 2008, 14:30:58 »
I also own a s570is. Thanks for the correction values. Please Keep us updated.:)


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