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Continuous shooting -590-time lapse or not

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Continuous shooting -590-time lapse or not
« on: 09 / April / 2009, 10:39:40 »
tried out everything described, burst is not possible in 3dstereomode.
it is also possible to take a number of images as fast as your camera continuous-shooting mode will allow
set 3 for burst
3(repeats) to 0= burst as long as set in c/d shooting interval

when i started i could shoot one single 3dstereo but not burst.
it is totally chaotic. sometimes i see the usb-waiting sometimes not.
did a canon and sdm-reset, did not help.

i have now found out how to setup and trigger the cameras for single and continuous-shooting. i am doing 3dsterero-panoramas.
there are significant differences in the camera-settings and shooting-procedure.
forget time-lapse for action-shots-continuous-shootings. i will retest it anyway because i could have made mistakes.
more inforations can be found here and i will not further continue this thread:,3446.0.html

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A590 IS-1.01b(x5), SX130IS-101c(x3), 101f(x2)


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