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A590IS and CHDK - SD card speed

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A590IS and CHDK - SD card speed
« on: 17 / February / 2009, 20:25:55 »
I just got a new A590IS, and need to get an SD card for it - either 2GB or 4GB.  But I wondered if there's any need to spend the extra money to get a high-speed card, and whether CHDK might affect the answer to that question.  I guess my assumption is that this would only be an issue in taking videos, but I don't know whether 640x480 at 20 fps would be too much for a standard SD, or whether CHDK might change that.  Well, for example, I'm kinda hoping someone finds a way to change that 20 fps to 30.  Has anyone here had a SD speed issue with this camera, and if so, what speed SD did you have to go to to fix it?


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Re: A590IS and CHDK - SD card speed
« Reply #1 on: 17 / February / 2009, 21:52:15 »
Older A series can do 640x480 @30 FPS on mediocre SD cards, so that shouldn't be a limiting factor. However, given the price of 2 and 4 gig cards, I'd would definitely go for a decent speed brand name one. If you plan to use raw or continuous shooting (including bracketing), a fast card is a good investment. You may also be able to record videos at lower compression than you would with a slow card.
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Re: A590IS and CHDK - SD card speed
« Reply #2 on: 26 / February / 2009, 07:15:39 »
I've been using Lexar Platinum II 60X cards in my A590, and have never run into problems with the write speed.  They're relatively inexpensive now as well. 
I picked up a 4 gig PNY Optima 60X a couple days ago for my SX10-IS for $14 (at best buy) that seems to do very well also.  I took it out the day after and put the camera through it's paces, never had a single problem with it running out of buffer so the card was keeping up just fine.  And that price is pretty hard to beat. :) 
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Re: A590IS and CHDK - SD card speed
« Reply #3 on: 26 / February / 2009, 07:54:34 »
I got 2 Sandisk Ultra II SDHC 8GB cards for my 2 new refurbished A570IS cameras when I ordered them from Adorama a few weeks ago.

$25 each.  (At Best Buy they were $50 each.)

Work just fine.


Re: A590IS and CHDK - SD card speed
« Reply #4 on: 08 / April / 2009, 16:43:32 »
I have been testing the A590IS with PNY 2GB P-SD2GBX3-MF and Transcend 2GB TS2GSDC

I have found that the PNY cards are much slower read and write and affect the reliability of scripts,
had to add extra sleep steps between commands for the commands to take  ???
This was not true for Transcend 80x cards (Newegg $4.99)

Re: A590IS and CHDK - SD card speed
« Reply #5 on: 10 / April / 2009, 11:39:35 »
Ah, I was just about to post a similar question when I happened upon this thread.

My interest is a little different though.  I'm using the intervalometer to do time lapse, and can't seem to get the A590IS to capture faster than every 3 seconds or so.  I've turned the display off, am using manual focus and exposure, so the auto features aren't slowing it down. 

I'm using a cheap crappy SD card...do you think that a faster card would increase that frame rate?

Re: A590IS and CHDK - SD card speed
« Reply #6 on: 13 / April / 2009, 11:39:02 »
Brian, I have the same experience with the A590 using a class 6 SD card, so I don't think card speed would affect it much.  But I haven't really tested it with a slower card.

One thing you might try is using 'click "shoot_full"' instead of 'shoot' in your script.  That seems to work faster on my camera.  But I think it means EVERYTHING has to be manual because it doesn't wait at all.  That would include fixed ISO, and manual white balance, focus, shutter speed and aperture.

Re: A590IS and CHDK - SD card speed
« Reply #7 on: 14 / April / 2009, 11:08:41 »
Peabody, thanks for the tip.  I'll give that a shot.


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