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sound delayed in video

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sound delayed in video
« on: 20 / January / 2008, 22:28:00 »
Just got allbest build loaded and experimenting with video compression modes.  Tried 30 and 50.  When playing back from the card reader, Windows media player starts, and the movie starts, but voice is delayed about a second or so.  What am I doing wrong?

Maybe I figured it out.  I dragged the file to my desktop and it played ok.  Maybe running it straight off the card reader is too slow?  It's a brand new SanDisk reader and SanDisk Ultra II 2G card.  Strangely, when I re-run the movie from the reader it has no delay.  Now I'm thinking it's a slow computer problem.
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Re: sound delayed in video
« Reply #1 on: 21 / January / 2008, 00:36:28 »
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Re: sound delayed in video
« Reply #2 on: 21 / January / 2008, 07:41:13 »
I think that communication with reader is problem here. When re-runing video, it's already in the computer's cache, hence no delay.

But if sound is synchronized with video when playing from computer's hard disk, I wouldn't bother

Some digicams had really unsynchronized sound. In case of my Pentax 750, delay was about 330 ms, so I had to correct audio gap before converting to mpeg/divx format. On my A620, there's no such problem


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