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ACDSee and RAW processing

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ACDSee and RAW processing
« on: 25 / April / 2009, 13:06:23 »
I am hoping someone can give me a quick answer to this.  I have used the search engine, but cannot find anything specific.

I have a S3, using CHDK to take RAW images and use ACDSee for my image processing.  When I try to edit the RAW image in ACDSee I receive a message "The source data format is not recognized".  Does ACDSee support any of the RAW formats in CHDK?  Is so can someone please let me know how I should have the RAW settings on my camera set to.

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Re: ACDSee and RAW processing
« Reply #1 on: 25 / April / 2009, 14:42:16 »
use dng, or use dng4ps to convert the raw files. acdsee cannot handle crws produced by chdk.

Re: ACDSee and RAW processing
« Reply #2 on: 26 / April / 2009, 10:21:51 »
That did the trick.

Thank you.


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