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Example scripts on A650

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Example scripts on A650
« on: 29 / April / 2009, 03:07:27 »

I just used CardTricks to install the a650-100d-0.9.8-755-full.zip firmware (downloaded from http://mighty-hoernsche.de/).  I hope that's the right build to install, because I've been looking around the Wiki and seen pages talk about Allbest builds and Fingalo builds (necessary for some of the motion detection scripts).

I tried out a few of the example scripts, and some of them don't seem to work.  According to this page https://tools.assembla.com/chdk/browser/trunk/CHDK/SCRIPTS/examples/lotto.lua?rev=554, countdown.lua is supposed to play a sound at the end, but I don't hear anything.  And metronome.lua is supposed to play sound and use the direct print LED, but I don't hear any sound and I also don't see the direct print LED turn on.  Any idea what's going on here?  Thanks.


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