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Edge overlay exporting/converting

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Edge overlay exporting/converting
« on: 29 / April / 2009, 16:48:27 »
I am running Allbest 0.9.6-713 on a Canon A650IS Firmware Version GM1.00D

Is there any way to convert or open the *.edg files in a vector-based software?  Or is there a way to convert the *.edg to a raster?  I would like to somehow manipulate the file if possible.  Thanks.

Re: Edge overlay exporting/converting
« Reply #1 on: 29 / April / 2009, 17:06:34 »
Member 'hiker_jon' has an ImageJ script that will display the viewport image.

I have just tried it and it did not work but I have not used it for some time.

Hopefully, 'hiker_jon'  will see this post.



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