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Minimum Speed in SD1100 / Ixus 80

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Minimum Speed in SD1100 / Ixus 80
« on: 31 / May / 2009, 13:54:57 »

I'm trying to make hi-speed photos in my SD1100 / Ixus 80 with CHDK Firmware.

I've read that the minimum speed are 1/60000, however I can't take any picture over 1/1500

Can you tell me if I can do hi-speed photos with my camera?



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Re: Minimum Speed in SD1100 / Ixus 80
« Reply #1 on: 31 / May / 2009, 15:12:00 »
You need to activate Tv override. It's in the extra photo operations menu. Note that autoexposure will fail you, but if you only override a little bit more than available in your normal Tv mode, you can still use autoexposure by cranking up Ev compensation to +2 Ev (or I guess +4 if you write a script that sets that).

Aside from that, you will run out of light pretty easily using very high speeds, even on a sunny summer day.

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Re: Minimum Speed in SD1100 / Ixus 80
« Reply #2 on: 31 / May / 2009, 21:37:52 »
Previously, I was using an SD1100 / Ixus 80 with shutter over ride script from fbonomi for aerial photography.  At first, I set the script for 1/1500 shutter speed and at least half of the exposures were WAY off - either too bright or too dark.  After a while, I changed the script to 1/500 and that produced around 99% good exposures. 

I don't know if what I did means anything here.  My conclusion was that for my settings, my camera would not shoot at 1/1500 but I easily could have been doing something wrong.  Just a data point...  ;)

BTW, I subsequently judged that at 1/500, the whites were blocking up and losing detail.  I changed the script to tell the exposure measurement that the speed was 1/250, got the exposure measurement numbers and then set the shutter to 1/500.  The result was that the shots were slightly dark but none of them had whites with no detail.  A slight contrast change in Photoshop made it all good.
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