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Sound based remote control

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Sound based remote control
« on: 01 / May / 2009, 11:43:19 »
This could be extremely useful, not to mention cameras that doesn't support remote shooting (eg. SX10).

The idea is to use the sound captured by the internal microphones of the camera to shoot.

Voice, snap fingers, clap hands, a whistle or any other mean could be ways to control the shoot. 
If the frequency range of the microphones allows it and you accept the burden of taking an additional small device with you, it could be great an ultrasonic whistle or any other mean to produce not audible, or less annoying and more reliable sounds.

The type of sound used to shoot could be a parameter of the script you can control.

A remote without a remote could be fantastic, obviously, for macro, self portrait, night shooting, long exposures.... Extremely often, anyway.

Sound could be used also for other functions, eg. go to next picture during a slideshow with the camera connected to the TV far away from the sofa....

Is it possible? Microphone input can be accessed by a script?

I've searched for it as it seems a so obvious and useful functionality..... I've found others ask for something similar, but they got no answers:,131.msg796.html#msg796,295.msg1965.html#msg1965

Maybe I had to search better...?

Be patient, I'm a not native english speaker.... but you probably already noticed that.

Re: Sound based remote control
« Reply #1 on: 01 / May / 2009, 13:43:15 »
Another idea.   

We could use DTMF encoding (the same of tone dial phones).   Very easy signal processing, and it allows 16 different codes/functions.

A Pocket DTMF Tone Dialer can be found on Ebay for few Euros/Dollars.
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Re: Sound based remote control
« Reply #2 on: 03 / May / 2009, 14:49:35 »
there is function to access the microphone found yet.


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