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« on: 01 / May / 2009, 23:06:20 »
Hi Again  :D,

You saw me probably in the Aerial photography "topic"... Ok so... I bought a PowerShot SD880 cause I got It for 20 $ more than the powershot 1100. I got it for 200 Canadian $ cause It was a "box open". Its  a little more heavy than the 1100 ... 

Ok I have done the test for the version and I dont really know If my version can support CHDK , my version are : Gm 1.00e ... When I look at the Camera version available , they say "SD880 (IXUS 870): 1.01a (beta) " ..But When I click on the camera link, I can download this:     * Firmware 1.02B: Forum, direct DL link, also available at drop.io

    * Firmware 1.01A: Forum, direct DL link, also available at drop.io

    * Firmware 1.00E: Forum, direct DL link, also available at drop.io

I'm little confiused...  :-X    Does  I bought This cam and I cant use the CHDK ?  :blink:!?! Plz help  :-[  thx   :)




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« Reply #1 on: 02 / May / 2009, 07:55:29 »
Hi Remi,

Currently the only supported firmware version is 1.01a - you have 1.00E, so you can try the CHDK 1.01a version from the Autobuild Server - if it do not work (camera crashes - just remove the batteries for a moment & all is ok again) you can't run CHDK atm.

The other links you mentioned are firmware DUMPS - they're used for development, to port CHDK to a camera; you can't do anything on your camera with this dumps...

« Reply #2 on: 02 / May / 2009, 11:11:49 »
Hi and thx for the reply :)

Ok so I done what you tell me to do but When I lock the card... I cant open the camera (need to do what you tell me (thx)) .. But when I "delock" the card .. ok its open.. But I cant find the CHDK menu ?!?

Thx and when do you think the Gm 1.00e firmware will be available ? 

 Bye ;)

« Reply #3 on: 02 / May / 2009, 23:01:13 »
Ok thx anyway... I just upgrade to the 1.01a version.... :)   It work perfect ;)  Just one thing that I want to know : Where can I download a scrip ,to take ,"like every 5 second ,a picture ?

Thx Bye


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