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SX20 IS - Black image CRW

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SX20 IS - Black image CRW
« on: 25 / November / 2010, 19:28:52 »
Thanks to all those that responded to my A590 query!

Now onto the next question:

I just picked up an SX20IS for a good price and naturally tried to used CHDK. Used CARDTRICKS and installed the latest firmware (sx20-102d-0.9.9-985-full). CHDK seems to load fine but when I look at the photos I take, the CRW files are black i.e., no image. The file sizes seem correct but FastStone reports an 18MB file which appears correct.

Any thoughts as to what is happening?

Thanks in advance,



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Re: SX20 IS - Black image CRW
« Reply #1 on: 25 / November / 2010, 22:50:49 »
What software are you trying to view the raw in ? CHDK raws are NOT in the actual CRW or CR2 format, so many programs will not understand them.

DNG is suggested, see
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Re: SX20 IS - Black image CRW
« Reply #2 on: 26 / November / 2010, 15:24:03 »
I have tried FastStone and IrfanView though only FastStone seems able to display the "black" image.

Will try saving to DNG to see if that works.



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