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RAW from SX1 -> ACR

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Re: RAW from SX1 -> ACR
« Reply #10 on: 28 / May / 2009, 18:53:13 »
Oh, OK, didnt know that. I see there is a new version of Adobe Camera Raw out but it still doesn't support the SX1 .

Can anyone suggest a better solution than using DPP to convert to 16bit TIFF and then importing into Photoshop/Lightroom? I cant find anything that will read the RAW file and then produce a DNG from it  :'(

You can simply produce a DNG right in the camera with CHDK. But the weird thing is that the DNG files produced by the SX1 are not read directly by ACR (unlike the DNG files produced by my A720 with CHDK for instance).

Re: RAW from SX1 -> ACR
« Reply #11 on: 21 / June / 2009, 22:56:16 »
Anyone have any progress on this? I seem to follow all the directions and they work except for the SX1.  sure I can create raw and dng files with CHDK, but it doesnt do me any good if nothing can read them. :(

Re: RAW from SX1 -> ACR
« Reply #12 on: 05 / August / 2009, 09:44:31 »
the very latest veriosn of adobe raw supports the SX1.


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