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Using CHDK in iPhoto or Aperture 2

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Using CHDK in iPhoto or Aperture 2
« on: 07 / May / 2009, 20:46:24 »
Hi, I am a Mac user and have had no problem saving my RAW files from an IXUS 80IS to DNG using dng4ps-2 (although it saves them as being from an IXUS 950 IS as there is no option to select the 80) - these files open fine in Photoshop however I have had no luck in getting either iPhoto 09 or Aperture to read the files.

I had read that by editing the RAW.plist file to include the camera model, the problem would be solved - but it looks as though Apple have changed the format of the file - in the past the camera name could be added to correspond with the name assigned by dng4ps-2 - ie "Canon IXUS 950 IS" - now the file displays camera names in the format "RCID_CanonEOS1000D" for example - so I tried various formats like "RCID_CanonIXUS950IS" - but with no luck

Has anybody managed to get DNG files from CHDK into these versions of iPhoto or Aperture? - if so please advise how,



Re: Using CHDK in iPhoto or Aperture 2
« Reply #1 on: 11 / May / 2009, 08:45:17 »
iPhoto won't import the raw files for me either, but I haven't tried anything to fix it. I've never used raw before and I'm not quite ready to tackle it.
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