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Error: "uBASIC: 75 Parse err"

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Error: "uBASIC: 75 Parse err"
« on: 19 / May / 2009, 10:57:17 »
What is wrong?
Code: [Select]
rem Requires Fingalo's build v 119
rem Use with caution!

@title Motion Detection

rem Shot without auto-focus/with auto-focus/continuously (need to put in continuous mode manually)
rem T implies test mode with MD cells drawing and no shots taken
@param a Shot (0=nf/1=f/2=c/3=t)
@default a 3

rem How long the shutter button will be pressed in continuous mode
@param b Continuos shoot (secs)
@default b 10

@param c Threshold (0-255)
@default c 5

@param d Compare Interval (msecs)
@default d 20

@param e Compare Interval (secs)
@default e 0

rem If this value is too small, the camera goes continuously shooting after the 1st shot.
rem Experiment with this value to find one fitted to your needs
@param f Begin Delay (secs)
@default f 5

@param g Pix step(speed/accuracy adj)
@default g 5

@param h Columns
@default h 6

@param i Rows
@default i 6

rem Frame width in which no MD is performed (in cell units)
@param j Dead frame
@default j 0

if a<0 then let a=0
if a>3 then let a=3
if c<0 then let c=0
if d<0 then let d=0
if e<0 then let e=0
if g<1 then let g=1
if h<1 then let h=1
if i<1 then let i=1
if j<0 then let j=0

rem Conversions secs to msecs
let b=b*1000
let e=e*1000
let f=f*1000

let d=d+e

rem This is the timeout in msecs. After this period, the motion trap is rearmed.
let T=600000

rem Parameters for the Dead Frame
let J=j+1
let H=h-j
let I=i-j

let t=0

print "press Shutter Button to Stop"

let timek=get_tick_count

md_detect_motion h, i, 1, T, d, c, 1, t, 1, J, J, H, I, 0, g, f
let time=get_tick_count-timek
if t>0 then print "Time: ",time else print "No detection in 10 min!"
let t=0
goto "test"

I think it is that "let time=get_tick_count-timek" or "print "Time: ",time". But I didn't get this work.
I have camera A560.

Edit: Or that some debugger says "Ubasic error near Line 73: Parse err"
Edit2: Oh! In variables names can be only one letter. Ok. Now this works. :P
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