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problem with control camera by RC

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problem with control camera by RC
« on: 20 / May / 2009, 04:29:22 »
Hi everybody,

I am new in the CHDK forum.
I have bought an IXUS860/SD870 and I want to control it when it is on a helicopter. I have a radio receiver and I connect the USB port from the camera with a servo channel of the receiver.
I load the right CHDK firmware and I test the basic script for remote control. I want to take photo when I use a switch on the remote.

@title Remote Control

wait_click 1
is_key k "remote"
if k=1 then shoot
goto "loop"


But it doesn't work, I can't communicate by the USB port.
Where I am wrong?
How can I do that?

I really need help.




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