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Continuous shooting by default on P Av Tv M modes

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Continuous shooting by default on P Av Tv M modes
« on: 23 / May / 2009, 07:42:27 »
i didn't follow the forum in the last months:D
tried search but no succes.
i just want to ask, that continuous shooting can be set up automatically after startup...
or i should write a lua script that makes the buttonpresses for me?
if somebody got one(or did write one), please share with us


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Re: Continuous shooting by default on P Av Tv M modes
« Reply #1 on: 23 / May / 2009, 08:21:35 »
ewavr has it in his trunk. requires asm hacking, so either you hack it up yourself, wait for someone else to do it, or write a startup script that does it :)


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Re: Continuous shooting by default on P Av Tv M modes
« Reply #2 on: 24 / May / 2009, 15:03:38 »
Some of the relevant links from last year:,1963.0.html

(ewavr's implementation seems to also disable IS for long exposures, btw).

This is one of those features that will confuse users (read: me) once enabled & forgotten (or when accidentally enabled). I often use the review-by-keeping-shutter-depressed-and-then-press-erase-to-delete-it-if-the-shot-was-bad feature so I don't always want burst mode, but do hate my cam for forgetting the setting (especially when lens is retracted to save power while browsing in PLAY mode for longer than a little while).

So, I think this feature must include an OSD element, visible by default (on top of Canon's shoot mode icon or next to it if flickering is unbearable) whenever CHDK override makes the camera work different from the camera's setting. Maybe the feature should have three operating modes, such as:

Burst mode override: No / Yes / Remember.

"No" would be camera default operation without override,

"Yes" would be identical to ewavr's implementation above (with OSD text or icon overlay unless camera is in burst mode and only tampering with the least significant bit of that variable if that's enough to make it work),

"Remember" would continuously monitor the camera's shoot mode setting from propcase and store its value in CCHDK.CFG whenever changed. When camera is powered on or switched to REC mode, propcase and stored value would be compared and if different, override activated to match the stored value. The next time the propcase changes override is disabled.

The downside of this is that once you power off in continuous mode with Burst mode override set to "Remember", the next time you power on it will be a bit unintuitive to get away from continuous shooting mode to the normal default single shot mode: you will have to select a drive mode other than normal mode and then change it back (to change the propcase away from normal and for CHDK to notice that you did the change, and then change it back to get the mode you wished for).

But I think I'd end up using my camera in this mode anyway.

As for doing this only in some shooting modes (M/P/Av/Tv etc) or even to remember a setting for each shooting mode... possible, but a little bit more complicated to code and also to use, at first thought IMO not worth the increased complexity.


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