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New Feature for nube

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New Feature for nube
« on: 31 / May / 2009, 19:12:34 »
Hi all!
Have a few items that I would like included in CHDK:
   1.  A change to cls() command which clears only the current text window and doesn't cause the entire screen to flicker. Currently the only work-aroung I use is to print a number of blank line to avoid then flicker.
   2.  A way to change the grid pattern from with a script so that each script can have a unique style.
   3.  A way to determine when the camera has completed saving a video to the SD card.  Currently, I have to add a long wait (sleep) to prevent the script from jumping over the following instructions.  This is particularly troublesome when using video and MD in a script.
   4. A way to zoom under script control without having to be in manual focus mode.  At present I have been unable to have the camera zoom and refocus under script control.  'release "MF"' is flakey.  Sometimes it will work after sleep(2000) and sometimes not.
   5. A way to change text color for warning messages.
Question! Is there a way to put images on the camera's screen using the poke command?  Anyone found the memory addresses for this or are they camera specific?
Cameras I use are S2IS and S5IS. 
Problems described above are for all builds from the very first to the current 766 build.


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