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Sports event

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Sports event
« on: 10 / June / 2009, 11:01:36 »
Hello, everybody. I'm new here. As a start, I'd like to say that I'm really enjoying the capabilities of CHDK so far. I've got a Canon Powershot SD1000/IXUS 70. Since this is my first digital camera, I've got some questions.

I'm going to be at a dance competition soon and I've got to take some photos there. I googled some info about taking pics at sport events, but I didn't find anything useful. I'm going to be close to the action and the lightning is going to be good at the competition, but I need help with the other settings. I did a few test shots and here's what I noticed. I can't shoot at a quick shutter speed without flash, because the pics are underexposed. My flash is too bright anyway, so that's not a good option, unless I somehow tone it down. Is that even possible? I think that shooting in burst mode is a possibility, but I need some help with the other options. How should I use CHDK to achieve the best results possible with that specific camera?

Here are a few pictures to see what I'm trying to do.
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Re: Sports event
« Reply #1 on: 17 / June / 2009, 07:36:41 »
first, are you sure the location will be well lit? when it comes to photography, sports event are NEVER lit well enough, especially because you need to shoot with a fast shutter to freeze the action.
second, how come your flash is too bright? did you use the manual flash power override? that would explain it.
if you use flash in P mode (or A if thats the only thing the ixus has to offer) it should be adjusted automatically and should NOT turn out to be too bright. maybe you need another exposure setting, spot for example.
i would recommend shooting with flash on the 2nd curtain in A mode (if your cam allows it), freezing the subject and blurring the background.
sports photography is a very difficult subject, and if i learnt one thing during the last half year since i got my dslr: when comes to INSIDE locations, a P&S can never outperform a DSLR, especially when you are not allowed to use flash. Of course you need a fast lens.


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