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How often are firmware versions incompatible

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How often are firmware versions incompatible
« on: 02 / June / 2009, 01:39:08 »
When buying a camera with the specific aim of using CHDK, how often do people find the firmware version is incompatible?

I'm having trouble convincing people to open the sealed box to let me use the camera with my own SD card.

Same goes for people selling on eBay - they aren't really interested in running these tests for you.

I know there are various firmware update options available from Canon, but it seems like this isn't for every camera / current firmware version



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Re: How often are firmware versions incompatible
« Reply #1 on: 17 / June / 2009, 08:03:52 »
we don't run statistics like that, and it is impossible to do so. people with the correct firmware version are likely to never post here. people with the wrong firmware however are very likely to post here. i guess it will be difficult convincing the people to help you identifying their firmware.
just buy a camera, and if it has the wrong firmware - port it (a "firmware port" is much easier to accomplish when there already is a port for another firmware).


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