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(A590) Problem with menu button

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(A590) Problem with menu button
« on: 03 / June / 2009, 16:13:01 »
Hi, I have a Powershot A590 and I'm a CHDK user for a month and a half now, and this software is wonderfull !

Yesterday, I got a problem with my camera...  To my opinion, it's probably not related to the use of CHDK (but i'm no expert, just average guy) so, as peoples here use a lot they camera (that's why we are here dont we ?  :P) I tought maybe someone here got a similat problem and/or might have a suggestion on how to fix it.

The problem is on the Menu button of the camera and the "Up keypad", the one controling the flash setting, they seem to be... "linked" now. When I press the Up keypad, the flash options apear but I can't select the other setting, as soon as I release the button, the option exit.  And when I press the Menu button, that's the flash option that apear, where I still can't choose.

I can use the Func. Set button to acess pictures settings, and the Up keypad work correctly there.

Also, when I'm in CHDK, the menu button call the CHDK menu correctly, I can go down in the menu, but trying to go up close the menu (like pressing the Menu button).  In fact, both Menu button and Up keypad seem's to react the same to any situations.

Because the problem with thoses buttons is present even if CHDK isnt loaded, I think it's not rlated to it, but I wonder first, if the problem is hardware (i'm tempted to open the camera) or firmware, and if it's the case, is there a way to flash it to factory ?

I hope someone here will know more on that than me.

Cheer, Yan
Canon Powershot A590


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Re: (A590) Problem with menu button
« Reply #1 on: 03 / June / 2009, 21:10:34 »
Sounds like a hardware problem. I don't see a plausible way this would be a canon firmware problem, and I can think of quite a few ways it would happen with the switch hardware due to wear, dirt, etc.
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