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single-button RAW (DNG) toggle on a powershot A720

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single-button RAW (DNG) toggle on a powershot A720
« on: 03 / June / 2009, 18:09:46 »

I like taking pics in museums and it would be very useful if I can use the CDHK firmware somehow
to program one of the buttons on the powershot a720 so it will toggle on/off the DNG option.
That way I can quickly take a picture of a painting or sculpture with RAW-mode on and take a picture
of the card with information about the artwork (like who made it and what materials were used) where I don't need a RAW image.
At the moment I need to press the special CHDK button, the DNG toggle button and the CHDK button again, so I have to press 3 times on the buttons for every time I want to toggle on or off the DNG mode.
It makes sense to take pics of the art work and the meta info subsequently, so you have an easy association between the two.
Has anyone found an easy way to do this with CHDK on a Canon Powershot A720?

Kind regards and thanks in advance for any suggestions, Niek


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Re: single-button RAW (DNG) toggle on a powershot A720
« Reply #1 on: 03 / June / 2009, 19:22:40 »
AFAIK there isn't a way to do this directly.

If you used a script to shoot, you could stay in alt mod. Then just pressing the raw shortcut would toggle DNG, and pressing shoot would take the shot. Of course, you'd have to leave alt mode to adjust normal canon settings.
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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