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a590 a) key presses held while display off, b) no LED control?

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Hi there, in todays journey with ubasic I found how to reliably turn LCD on/off, was happy until I discovered that a key pressed while the display is off is held until the display is turned on by rotating the camera.   :(  I was planning on having a keypress turn on the display and another exit the script.

Was using the timed wait for keypress option -- worked fine while display was on, but 'stores' any key-presses while display is off, so the script doesn't see the keypress until LCD woken up by the camera rotation sensor.  Any ideas how to work around this issue?

Other issue is I cannot control the LEDs, both styles of LED control (set_led x y z, blue_led_on and friends) don't do anything.  The led_tst.bas script I found in the source doesn't, either.  All I'm after is some form of activity indicator showing that the script is active while the display is turned off, it would be nice to get the display back for checking status without disturbing the tripod.  Flashing a LED every 5 or 10 seconds is what I have in mind during the long interval periods.  During last 5 seconds or so of the timelapse interval I plan to have the display turn on again to warn user the cam's about to shoot.

Also planning on setting up the manual focus again before the shoot, after display off -- at the moment my interest is timelapse sky-watching.  No I'm not yet planning on calculating ephemera (sp?), I check http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/astronomy.html for sunrise / sunset times.

Downloaded and briefly toured the source, yes I can set my terminal to 180 chars wide  :D  That's about all I learned today.

Re: a590 a) key presses held while display off, b) no LED control?
« Reply #1 on: 13 / June / 2009, 09:34:56 »
The led_tst.bas script you have may use SDM uBasic functions, in which case it is not supported by CHDK.
(it is also no longer supported by SDM except for blue_led_on and blue_led_off)

I really think you should study the SDM time-lapse feature carefully and decide if it meets your requirements.

It locks autofocus, blanks the screen and flashes an LED at 30 second interval when complete.

Re: a590 a) key presses held while display off, b) no LED control?
« Reply #2 on: 19 / June / 2009, 19:59:45 »
I'm having better performance now that I let the cam turn off by itself, and wake the cam with 'click "shoot_half"', which seems to be the only button with little side effect other than requiring a sleep 500 afterwards.

As far as the LED control goes, having the green LED on during cam's 'deep sleep' is fine, I also added keypress detection for the half shoot key and use this to wake cam from deep sleep to view script status.  Seems the keypress non-delivery issue I had was due to forcing LCD off, but I haven't had this issue recently.

Also, on wakep to shoot I can put the cam back in MF mode for the dark start timelapses I'm taking for dawn movies.

Didn't look at SDM as it does a bunch of stuff I don't need yet. 



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