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Question/request: Hacking shutter speeds

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Question/request: Hacking shutter speeds
« on: 14 / June / 2009, 14:26:59 »
Background: When using automatic settings, Canon compacts can adjust exposure in 1/32 ev steps while Canon DSLRs can only adjust in 1/8 ev steps (other DSLR brands have similarly coarse steps, maybe even worse). This is a huge problem when shooting timelapse because you either get heavy flicker from the exposure steps, or you have to use fixed exposure (full manual) which means you get heavy over- or underexposure if lighting changes significantly (e.g. dawn/dusk).

I imagine that in the camera firmware there are tables specifying allowed shutter speed values - one table with values accessible from menus (1/3 ev steps); another one with values for automatic settings (1/8 ev steps). If I'm wrong about this and somebody knows how it actually works, please explain. If I'm right, then it would be of great interest to expand that table with allowed shutter speed values for automatic settings so the camera could do 1/32 ev steps like the compact cameras. It makes all the difference... see here:[/vimeo]]Time lapse flicker: S3 vs. 40D (with EXIF superposed)
Of course, for this to work it requires that the metering values are not rounded off to 1/8 ev steps before using them to evaluate the exposure time.

So the question is if this is something that would be easy/difficult/impossible to do and if anybody would be interested in implementing it? I know you are all doing this out of love ;) but in case it can help motivate somebody to work on this, I will gladly donate $100 to whoever can make this work and supply the necessary files. This is a huge deal among timelapse photographers!

SX100, S3


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