Help Fixing parameters for Universal Motion Detection for security purpose

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Hello, i tried tu use  the CHDH Universal Motion detection script.

I cannot fix the right parameters according with my purpose (security and test).
I suppose my poor english and/or small brain are in cause.

Please would tou help me ?

I'd like to take videos (about 2 or 4 minutes recording) at each motion detect.

The delay after motion detection is not an important parameter for me, so i think the
autofocus and autoexposure functions might be  activated before recording, or activated once before  all.

I use a 32Gb sd memory card and rechargeable batteries into a S5IS Canon.
May be you know how to use an external power?

What happend when motion detection is continuous?
- may the recording file exceeds 2 or 4 minutes?
- Is the motion detection  trapped again after the 2 or 4 minutes recording?

Sorry, but i could not understang that.

I suppose only sensible parameters values would be a very good response.
If you feel it, some explanations also.

Thank you for helping.



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