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G7 - unable to install

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G7 - unable to install
« on: 22 / June / 2009, 11:08:59 »
Have G7, Vista, 32MB, 512MB cards. Started by trying to establish firmware version. Manually created ver.req. Started in play mode, screen said 'No image', pressing set & display did nothing. Started again using Card Tricks, nothing. Changed cards and tried again, nothing. Screen still said 'No image'.

CHDK file is same for all firmware versions so went ahead anyway. Used Card Tricks, only problem was the CHDK.zip was  saved somewhere unexpected. However, files seemed to be added properly so write protected card and switched on. Less than nothing. No reaction from camera at all. Had to remove battery to return to normal. (A list of files to be expected could be useful)

Started again from scratch with another card. Same results.

CHDK sounds great I only wish I could see it in action.

Where do I go next (politely please!)



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Re: G7 - unable to install
« Reply #1 on: 22 / June / 2009, 13:08:49 »
Hello & welcome, jeb10 !

To get the fw version of your camera, press & hold FUNC/SET and press DISP additionally...

Make sure the file is really named ver.req - by default Windows don't show some filename extensions, so maybe it is named ver.req.txt ...

For the G7 there are 4 different CHDK versions available - it's NOT the same for all fw versions, it must fit to your firmware; otherwise the camera will hang & you have to remove the batteries.

You can also try the 4 CHDK versions one by one, just download them, unzip the files and copy the PS.FI (or PS.FI2) file to the root directory on your SD card.
Then start your cam in playback mode, press MENU, scroll down & select "Firmware Update..." to start CHDK...

The downloads are here: CHDK Autobuild server
Read also a bit in the CHDK wikia...


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