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Magic Lantern firmware for the 5D Mark II

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Magic Lantern firmware for the 5D Mark II
« on: 23 / June / 2009, 11:36:19 »
As has been reported just about everyone, I've released the first public beta of the Magic Lantern firmware for the Canon 5D Mark II.  It isn't directly based on CHDK, but I am very appreciative of all of the incredible effort that you've put into understanding Canon's hardware and DryOS.  Without CHDK there isn't a chance that I would have been able to make such rapid progress -- using IDA Pro on a clean ROM dump is much easier than bitbanging a UART on the status LED and hoping for the best.

has been posted that shows the initial features and the improved audio quality in the modified firmware, when used with a higher quality external preamp like the juicedLink CX231.  The amps inside the camera are pretty bad and it only has an unbalanced input, so a good preamp is a requirement for higher quality sound.  As part of testing the new firmware, to find how to adjust the gain to produce the least noise.


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Re: Magic Lantern firmware for the 5D Mark II
« Reply #1 on: 23 / June / 2009, 14:28:42 »
impressive! congratulations on this great piece of software. hope canon doesnt sue you/us now, and hopefully more devs will join in on the fun :)


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