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Help needed scripting long exposures

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Help needed scripting long exposures
« on: 25 / June / 2009, 03:31:11 »
I've written and tested a 'Night and Day Intervalometer' script that calculates and (supposedly) sets long exposures for the night portion (thanks to cyril42e), but no matter what the calculated Tv, the longest exposure my camera (A470/Digic III) gives is 15 seconds, not quite long enough for moonless nights.

The script uses 'set_tv96_direct t', where I've seen 't' range down to -716 (corresponding to a 176-second exposure), but the camera gives 15 seconds max, regardless (until 't' rises above -375, when the camera starts correctly setting the requested shutter speed).

I know how to set longer exposures manually through the CHDK interface, but is there any way of scripting these longer exposures (preferably in uBASIC)?

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Re: Help needed scripting long exposures
« Reply #1 on: 25 / June / 2009, 03:59:47 »
set_tv96_direct should go longer than 15. However, a470 does not appear to have extra long exposure support, so it wouldn't go beyond 60.
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