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Car cameras

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Car cameras
« on: 05 / July / 2009, 22:27:49 »
Has anyone used CHDK to monitor the road while you drive?
The idea is to have a record--maybe stills, maybe looping video--of nearby cars in case of an accident.
You would want time stamps of course, and a record of the focal length for estimating distance.


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Re: Car cameras
« Reply #1 on: 06 / July / 2009, 15:31:22 »
Several people incuding me have shot timelapse movies from moving cars. It's all fun and games, at least during the day.

For your purpose there's not much to add as the camera already stores timestamp and position of its optics in EXIF. Just use video record or your favorite timelapse script and keep deleting unnecessary images/videos often, possibly easiest using Canon's delete all images feature.

In dark you'll probably have to use very high ISO for photos, maybe even override Tv or you may end up with nothing but blur.


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