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What level of SDIO support is available to us?

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What level of SDIO support is available to us?
« on: 26 / January / 2008, 17:00:07 »
How much is known about SDIO in these cameras?

There are some open-source SDIO stacks available with drivers for things such as SD Bluetooth or SD Atheros wlan cards, or SD GPS cards.

Many of those cards by themselves wouldn't be very exciting since they don't have built-in memory card functionality - but this one would be pretty sweet:


since it has built-in GPS (SirfIII chipset - which is currently the best chipset available) and a built-in microSD card holder...

Auto-tagging images with GPS EXIF data would be pretty sweet for those of us who like to go exploring... :)

For those cameras that don't have clips on the batteries, these wouldn't work. My SD870 has a clip on the battery independent of the battery-door so it would work fine.

A combo bluetooth / microSD card would be good too - you could connect to a bluetooth GPS unit...

Of course... all of this is predicated upon the ability to hook into the SDIO reader at a low level and be able to load drivers for it.
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