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Disable auto power-off? (A610 with AC adapter)

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Disable auto power-off? (A610 with AC adapter)
« on: 19 / July / 2009, 23:29:56 »
Hello; first off, thanks for such great software. It has really opened up tons of new possibilities for my A610  :)

I'm trying to do long timescale time-lapse (think every 5 minutes for two weeks). I've got it plugged into an AC adapter, but the camera seems to be convinced that it needs batteries and often shuts off if I put it into recording mode. Even when I can get it to stay on for a while, it seems to shut itself off after about 40 minutes (8 pictures).

I've disabled the auto power-off in the camera's regular settings, but it still seems to be shutting itself off. Anyone know how to make it stay on all the time (maybe by ignoring the low battery warning, etc.)?


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Re: Disable auto power-off? (A610 with AC adapter)
« Reply #1 on: 19 / July / 2009, 23:43:06 »
It sounds like your power supply isn't providing enough power. There was a thread where someone else was having similar problems, but I can't seem to find it right now.

Disabling the low power shutdown wouldn't be a great idea, since insufficient power would start to make things flaky anyway.

You might also be interested in this http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php/topic,3872.0.html

Note that the problem could be in your connections rather than the power supply itself.
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Re: Disable auto power-off? (A610 with AC adapter)
« Reply #2 on: 20 / July / 2009, 21:26:43 »
The other cam that had troubles was an a470 on a 3V @ 850mA adapter, not quite enough power to keep it going all the time. 

I don't know exactly what the a610 needs, but if you're not using the Canon adapter you need to be sure there's enough current. 

You should not see low battery warning on cam (flashing red icon) with AC adapter.  From what I read the a610 is a 6V cam so it would want maybe 600mA to 1000mA (1A) regulated 6V adapter -- cam should reliably work down to 4.8V as that is what four charged NiMH cells will give on load. 

Please post the cam's mV battery reading (chdk option) when on the AC adapter, both in record and play mode as that may indicate if the adapter is okay.

Other issue I noticed with non-Canon adapter is that the cam power plug can disconnect of moved (forward/backward) on a580 and a590 cams.  Check if you have unreliable cam power connection there.

Re: Disable auto power-off? (A610 with AC adapter)
« Reply #3 on: 20 / July / 2009, 23:15:05 »
It looks like the voltage the AC adapter is providing is just above 4.4V :\ I also noticed that occasionally, it drops to just below 4.4 (around 4.390)--at which point the low battery indicator starts flashing. You are also correct that this is not a Canon adapter--the labeling on the back says it provides 4.4V (though the listing claimed it supported the A610).

Am I out of luck with this adapter?

Re: Disable auto power-off? (A610 with AC adapter)
« Reply #4 on: 21 / July / 2009, 01:16:54 »
Am I out of luck with this adapter?

I think so, it sounds like another marginal adapter that doesn't have quite enough power for the cam, and 1.1V/cell on load is near end-of-life cell voltage for cam operation.

An old 5V @ 1A external ZipDisk adapter would work (with proper DC connector added -- if you or a friend do soldering), or you need to shop for an adapter with better voltage, at least 4.8V, but not much over 6V (< 6.3V at a guess)

I found a Canon adapter (ACK800, 3V) on ebay for my cam at about a third retail price, they're rare.
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Re: Disable auto power-off? (A610 with AC adapter)
« Reply #5 on: 21 / July / 2009, 02:42:00 »
Odd, looking up the canon ack600 specs on the net, I get 4.3V @ 1.5A from a couple sites, this matches the cam manual too.


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