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Currents of a 590IS

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Currents of a 590IS
« on: 21 / July / 2009, 18:46:51 »
Hi there,
i just measured the currents of my 590.
I couldnt measure the current while the camera was running, but i was able to measure them when the camera was in sleepmode.
The results are quite strange:
Without CHDK the camera needs more current in sleep mode, than with turned off display.
130mA in sleep mode - 114mA Display turned off.

With CHDK the difference is very small, but CHDK needs more current as u can imagine.
152mA in sleep mode  - 150mA display turned off

When the message "replace batteries" appear, the current is 220mA.

Does anyone know how the camera knows when the batteries are emtpy? (it doesnt depend on the voltages!)

It would be awesome if someone can make a better sleepmode, because i think 114mA is quite much for sleepmode.


Re: Currents of a 590IS
« Reply #1 on: 21 / July / 2009, 20:44:05 »
Please describe how you are measuring the camera current, maybe I missed this effect when I did some recent measurements over here:,3872.0.html ?  I'll try to duplicate your findings.

Edit: Rereading the measurements page, I recall that the sleep or idle time measurement is quite noisy as the innards cool down, expect a wider variation, or, let the cam settle for some minutes before measuring idle current.
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Re: Currents of a 590IS
« Reply #2 on: 22 / July / 2009, 05:22:01 »
i just took a piece of paper, and put alufoil on both sides.
Then i put it between one battery and the lid and closed the lid.
I measured the current with a amperemeter put it on the alufoil on both sides of the paper.
Unfortunately the resistance was too high, so i had too "shortciruit-start" the cam with connecting the alufoil of both sides.
I was only able to measure the current of the sleepmodes, because in normal mode the cam turned off.
But i could measure a part current (as the "shortcircuit"-connecting had a current flow and the ampermeter also).
The part current of normal mode was 3 to 5 times higher than in sleep mode, so i guess the normal consumption is about 300 to 750mA.

I saw your test setup, but i dont know much about electric.

I think the camera get the state of the battery trough comparing current and voltagedrop, does anyone has a glue about this?

I hope i did not confuse you with my bad english ;-)

Cheers Toby


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