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Ixus 75 build-in intervalometer

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Re: Ixus 75 build-in intervalometer
« Reply #10 on: 13 / August / 2009, 10:01:03 »
OK, forgiven - but you have to do my gardening then...

I'll make a time-lapse while cutting your garden's grass :D

Depends from your needs & your definition of quality...50 or less may give some noticeable artefacts, but the video is still ok...
BTW - you know that you can adjust the settings on-the-fly ?  --> CHDK video parameters

Instead of the "Video Quality" setting you could also test the "Video Bitrate", see the differences in CHDK wikia - Usage...

See also the discussion with some sample bitrates: Ewavr's VideoPlus - Discussion (some informations there may be outdated).

Wow that's interesting, i missed the on-the fly adjustable video bitrate feature!!
I just tried it, but i didn't understand how to see on the display the current bitrate and the modification that i make on the fly...
In the chdk menu i cannot find the "Show Remaining Videotime" described here http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK/MoreBest#Video_Parameters

No, only the quality setting can be controlled with CHDK.

Ok, thanks.


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