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Battery indicator problem with SX110 IS + CHDK

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Battery indicator problem with SX110 IS + CHDK
« on: 06 / August / 2009, 15:25:28 »
Hi there people, first of all thank you for your great efforts in creating this wonderful new "system" that is CHDK. Yesterday, I installed CHDK on my SX110 IS but I noticed a problems:

*** Battery charge gaguge and concerning percentage gauge don't work on my SX110 IS!  ;) Very strange, damn, very strange. I use a pair of UniRoss 2100mah HYBRIO. Battery charge percentage goes down by a -1% every second and the time it reaches 0% camera should shut down: no!  :lol It's a fake percentage because at 0% charge camera continues working well. At 0% battery r"echarges" randomly after being power down and power up agin and percentage may increase during workin (UniRoss produced a new self-rechargeable AA?  :) ). Uhm, I think no one have got this problem, may be the fault is the match SX110+UniRoss HYBRIO?

Another "little" question: if I enable real-time histogram and zebra overexposure system how much additional energy the camera will require? I mean, these extra features will increase real-time data processing, so the processor of the camera will work more (am I right?): batteries will last less or equal with these two feature enabled?

Thank you very much again for CHDK and support in general!!!!  :-* Great job guys!


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Re: Battery indicator problem with SX110 IS + CHDK
« Reply #1 on: 06 / August / 2009, 15:47:11 »

Do not assume something isnt working properly just because you dont know the inner workings..

You need to calibrate your battery indicator. Go to the OSD parameters menu, choose the "Battery" submenu and enable "Show battery volts" (In my opinion thats better anyway).

Now you can read directly what voltages your batterys have when they are freshly charged, or near empty, and set those in the MAX and MIN voltage fields. I have an SX100, use NiMH batterys as well, and i have set 2550 mV for MAX and 2250 for MIN. You could use those values, i guess.

Then theres the culprit with NiMH batterys - they dont have a linear discharge curve. Meaning, freshly charged NiMH batterys have around 1,4V, which will drop quickly to 1,2V when its used. It will stay at 1,2V most of the time until its empty, at which point the voltage will drop again quickly. This cannot be displayed in percentage properly.

Rising voltages are normal as well. When a battery is under load (e.g. charging flash) the voltage will drop a little, due to the power drain. After returning to idle, the camera drains less power, the batterys do kind of "recover". Explaining that would be a little out of proportion here, i guess.. Its normal, so dont worry.

Last question: Additional features do consume a negligible amount of additional power, around 2-5mAh more. Dont worry about that either.


Re: Battery indicator problem with SX110 IS + CHDK
« Reply #2 on: 06 / August / 2009, 17:50:08 »
Thank you very much for your answer! ;) Uhm, I hope I understood how to calibrate the "battery gauge" I have to put just recharged batteries and read the mV value then put discharged batteries and read minimum m V and set them on the camera (batteries menu?!). With 2100mah NiMH batteries are the values always 2550 mV for MAX and 2250 for MIN, please?

Thank you very much for your kindness.

EDIT: just discharged HYBRIO's in my SX110: min value is 1.950
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