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Override A620 default shooting mode to Continuous

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Override A620 default shooting mode to Continuous
« on: 06 / March / 2008, 19:23:50 »
I set the shooting mode  to Continuous quite a lot to be able to use the AllBest TV Bracketing mode. But every time I power off the camera it resets the shooting mode to the normal default single shot setting which is annoying, and no apparent way to change this.  I like to power off the camera to save battery power in between shooting times but be able to power back on and immediately be able to shoot in Continuous mode without fumbling thru the menu. 

Update: well duh there is the Canon custom mode available to save settings like the Continuous shooting one I wanted but it would still be nice if there were additional custom modes like Custom 1, 2, 3 etc..  Example: in the drive mode that includes single shot, continuous shooting and various self-timer settings you can only save custom settings for one of them at a time.  So  you can't save both continuous shooting and the custom timer delay settings for use in "C" on the shooting mode dial. Not a big thing and I know I should be happy that the 620 has a custom setting at least!
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