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Memory browser crash

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Memory browser crash
« on: 12 / August / 2009, 09:10:26 »
Attached is a patch to fix debug menu memory browser crash when attempting to read memory between 0x2000000 and below 0xffc00000 (currently version in svn checks the address range, but that dereferencing thing right after causes a crash at least on my a570).

The reason I didn't commit this to svn is that there's another minor bug affecting most cameras (a careful reader may already have noticed it from the previous sentence), i.e. ROMBASEADDR is hard coded, but newer cams have 0xff810000 instead of 0xffc00000. Anyone more competent than I have a good idea how to get ROMBASEADDR from platform/*/sub/*/ propagate for use in core/gui_debug.c?

And now that we're at it, is 0x2000000 still valid for all cameras for the other limit, or are there other known ranges that are readable?


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