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CHDK for multiple cameras on one card?

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CHDK for multiple cameras on one card?
« on: 18 / August / 2009, 12:08:51 »
Hello all,

I am a beginner and dumb user of CHDK.  Many thanks to all of you who write and distribute this software.

I currently only use CHDK to trip the shutter via a usb switch operated by a radio control system.

I have a SD400, A570is, and most recently an A640 camera.  Until recently, the A570is has been my main camera and I have CHDK loaded on all of my memory cards.  I recently tried loading a second version of CHDK onto a card, and neither camera is able to load it's appropriate software.

Is there a way to load and use multiple versions of CHDK onto a single card?

Thanks again, and
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Re: CHDK for multiple cameras on one card?
« Reply #1 on: 18 / August / 2009, 19:56:00 »
This has been asked for before, but there isn't a good way to do it right now. Given the price of SD cards, I'd suggest getting additional cards for each camera.

You can have the DISKBOOT.BIN from one version and the PS.FIR (or FI2) from a different version on the same card. If you lock the card, it will autoboot using the diskboot.bin. If you unlock it, you can load the other version with with firm update. If you had both dryos and vxworks cameras, I guess you could have both the PS.FIR and PS.FI2 on them, and firm update might work for each. Keep in mind they will share they same CHDK settings, which is probably not desirable.
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